CO2Compensation – Also for private individuals

CO2Compensation – Also for private individuals:



Greenhouse gas emissions, particularly CO2 emissions, continue to cause massive damage to our environment despite increased efforts and stricter laws. The average per capita CO2 emission still exceeds five times the quantity the environment can absorb in Germany.×217.png



The prevention and reduction of CO2 emissions should have, by far, the highest priority. But compensation is also an effective contribution to climate protection. Compensation means, in this context, reducing greenhouse gases elsewhere by means of payments. Here, measures for voluntary compensation play a crucial role not only for companies but also increasingly for private individuals.

Voluntary compensation mainly takes place through compensation providers which invest in climate protection projects, renewable energies or purchase emission certificates. Examples here are wind and water power plants, biogas and biomass plants, reforestation, energy efficiency or appropriate training measures in environmental topics. Many of these measures are implemented in developing countries and thus simultaneously promote local development on the spot. Reputable providers, such as „atmosfair“ or „myClimate“, can be identified with the help of the CDM Gold Standard. This was developed by environmental organisations, businesses and governments in order to assess providers according to project quality in achieving environmental and development objectives.

Other opportunities are available through organizations such as „TheCompensators“. Here, pollution rights are bought and deleted with the donated money by European Emissions Trading. This way, European industry effectively emits less CO2 by exactly this quantity.

You can, for instance, orientate yourself to your own CO2 emissions as a guide to the extent of your own voluntary compensation. The above providers and also the Federal Environmental Agency provide CO2 calculators for this purpose. The CO2 calculator of the Federal Environment Agency provides, for example, quantitative information on your own CO2 emissions. While compensation used to be mainly provided for emissions from air travel or other means of transport, household and catering are now also in focus as important sources of CO2 emissions, which could be compensated. For example, an average consumption pattern leads to 8.2 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which can be broken down as follows:×241.png



Compensation for this particular quantity of 8.2 tonnes of CO2, would, for instance, cost around 200 euros with My Climate. Even if voluntary compensation of one’s personal CO2 emissions is not financially possible for many people, the footprint, nevertheless, provides an overview and insight on how we influence greenhouse gas emissions. Compensation providers also provide further scope for contributing to climate protection. You can, for instance, buy climate protection certificates as gift vouchers from most providers – a gift idea for someone who „already has everything“?


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