UFOPLAN research project

UFOPLAN research project “Amendment of EMAS III regulation – Development of German positions”:

In the context of the UFOPLAN research project “Amendment of EMAS III regulation – Development of German positions”, Arqum is currently developing specific amendment proposals for the EMAS III law in conjunction with various interest groups. The aim is to supply the German Federal Government with positions and proposals for amendments to the EMAS III regulation. These proposed amendments should then be introduced into consultations at EU level by the federal government, and should therefore be actively involved in shaping the amendment.

Need for change to the EMAS III regulation results, inter alia, from the revision of the international standard ISO 14001, which is expected to be published in the 2nd half of 2015. The requirements of ISO 14001 are set out in Annex II of the EMAS regulation and are therefore binding for EMAS organizations. Changes to the ISO 14001 standard due to revisions must therefore also be included in the EMAS regulation, if it is to be ensured that EMAS organizations continue to comply with requirements of ISO 14001.



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