Renewable Sources of Energy Act

Renewable Sources of Energy Act (“EEG”) special equalisation scheme: Deadline extension for energy-intensive companies–obligation to install officially calibrated meters by 31 March 2015:

On 11 Nov. 2014, the BAFA (Federal Office of Economic Affairs and Export Control) announced that electricity-intensive companies or independent company divisions must have officially calibrated meters at each point of consumption as per the Renewable Sources of Energy Act from the period of proof in 2015 (1 Jan. 2015). Many companies were faced with difficulties due to the very short implementation period, so the BAFA granted a transitional period until 31 March 2015.

Provided that the official calibration requirements are met, electricity consumption previously recorded on non-calibrated meters will also be taken into account by the BAFA on application (Sec. 63 ff. EEG 2014). Other exceptions, such as the resort to non-calibrated meters in the distribution of electricity to third parties, or the handling of minimal quantities of electricity, can be requested directly by companies at their respective office of weights and measures (as per Sec, 35 of the applicable MessEG). Companies taking advantage of the EEG special equalisation scheme should check their specific requirements for action promptly.


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