More stringent requirements

More stringent requirements and new guide lines for ISO 50001 – Improvement of energy efficiency is a binding requirement – Assistance with the implementation:

Up to now, in Germany energy management systems (EnMS) have been certified according to ISO 50001 in far more than 7,000 organizations. Energy management systems are an important instrument for the continuous improvement of energy-related performance and are increasingly subject to legal requirements.

With the transfer of ISO 50003 into the German set of standards there will be in future a binding obligation for certification authorities to ensure that their auditors provide proof of the continuous improvement of energy-related performance during the certification process. Thus, this obligation is also indirectly binding for companies already certified.

The definition and collection of energy performance indicators (EnPIs) and initial energy bases (EnBs) is therefore of fundamental importance for the introduction of an energy management system (EnMS). Information with regard to specific energy consumption in relation to relevant influencing factors such as production figures will be gathered in order for efficiency improvements to be determined.

The ISO 50006 and ISO 50015 standards introduced end of 2014 provide practical assistance in dealing with energy performance indicators and, in the process, specify the ISO 50001 requirements. ISO 50006 specifies the energy planning included in ISO 50001 in terms of the development, use and monitoring of EnPIs and EnBs. The steps for deducing and amending performance indicators are explained in detail on the basis of examples. In addition, ISO 50015 specifies the procedure for the measurement and collection of data necessary for energy performance evaluation. This standard also contains in addition to the description of the planning process a guide to measurement, analysis and review of relevant data such as energy consumptions and relevant influencing factors.

During the second half of 2016, you will have the opportunity to inform yourself on details of the new standards by taking part in Arqum webinars.


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