Flexible mobility

Flexible mobility – environmentally-friendly travel, even during train strikes:

Whoever was affected by the railway strike during the last few weeks has certainly thought about alternative means of transport. Using your own car or a rental car was certainly not always a suitable alternative. Creativity and flexibility were required. At Arqum, for example, employees used long-distance coaches for the first time. Car-sharing agencies provided up to double the number of their journeys during the strike.

However, there is reluctance to use alternative transport, in particular when from one day to the next. It is therefore recommendable to try out, or at least research different possibilities in a planned way and to register for services when appropriate. It is also sensible to specifically use various means of transport for a certain period, and to test new or seldom-used means of transport in the process.

How about this resolution: “Over the next three months, I will try three of the following options:

  1. Car sharing agency (e.g., offer to drive or ride along with someone
  2. Carpooling with colleagues
  3. Bike hire (e.g. Pedelec on holiday, inner-city bike hiring system)
  4. Rent a car from a car sharing provider
  5. Test private railway connections
  6. Use several forms of transport in a row (e.g. Bike&Ride, train & car sharing, Long-distance coach)

Calling for a mobility rally is also a sensible option: The employees who try the most means of transport in a given period (e.g. documented using selfies) receive a prize. With the mobility rally, employees from the same location could be encouraged to form carpools and to network more effectively with each other. In the event of an emergency, some of your employees would then be better prepared for their way to work.

And what has this to do with environmental protection? Those who have experienced alternative ways to travel than using their own cars certainly find it easier to do without their own cars or a second car. And during the next train strike, your employees know which colleagues they can come to work with in a carpool.

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