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Step-by-Step Energy Management for SMEs

Pilot project for the introduction of a step-by-step energy management for small and medium-sized Enterprises:


For large companies, energy management systems (EnMS) are already part of the standard repertoire but are not as widespread amongst smaller and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Even though the complexity of an energy management system has a deterring effect on some, there are a lot of SMEs that have a significant degree of energy consumption and would benefit from systematic energy management. For this reason, the German Federal Environment Agency intends to develop a step-by-step procedure which will enable SMEs to select a suitable energy management concept for them depending on their size, complexity and energy relevance.

Together with its partners, “prism consult” and the “Office for the Environment, Quality and Safety, Dr. Glatzner”, Arqum has been awarded the contract to develop and test this step-by-step procedure under a pilot project on practicality. In the first step, the project partners have developed the staged concept. Step1 includes the identification of improvement potential and determination of priorities. Step 2 consists of a basic energy management system. Step 3 includes full implementation of ISO 50001. The procedure is characterised by identification of savings potential from pragmatic approaches and revealing the steps still outstanding for certification in accordance with ISO 50001.

The next step involves the pilot project with six selected companies which are interested in pushing forward with energy management in their companies. The main objective of the pilot project is to determine the practical suitability of the individual stages and to support the companies in implementation work. In the course of workshops and webinars, the companies will be introduced step-by-step to the requirements of the individual stages. The implementation process is then driven forward individually in each company. In so doing, the companies are supported on-site by Arqum experts.

On Wednesday, 24.01.2018, the workshop for this project kicked off in the “Sankt Georgen Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology”. Apart from the energy officers of the participating companies and project partners, also present were representatives of the German Federal Office of Economics and Waste Control as well as the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Protection of Nature, Construction and Reactor Safety.

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