PAS 2060 – Climate neutrality

PAS 2060 can be used to demonstrate both climate-neutral organisations and climate-neutral products.

PAS 2060 – The management system for verified climate neutrality


In recent years, Arqum has assisted various organisations in preparing their carbon footprint. The standards of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064-1 have become established. In addition to carbon footprints for products and companies, however, the question of certifying the achievement of climate neutrality is coming up more and more frequently. In response to this, ISO 14068 is currently being developed, which will serve as a basis for verified climate neutrality and will be published in the next 1-2 years. However, there is already a British standard on this subject: the internationally valid standard PAS 2060. This standard can be used for the verification of climate-neutral organisations as well as climate-neutral products.

PAS 2060 follows the requirement to introduce climate management. Based on a public commitment to achieve climate neutrality, it requires not only a valid climate balance sheet (incl. Scope 3 emissions), but also the development of avoidance and reduction targets and corresponding measures to achieve them. In addition, it must be worked out how unavoidable emissions are to be offset with the help of the instrument of offsetting. Offsetting must meet strict requirements (e.g. additionality, permanence, leakage, avoidance of double counting and timely retirement of the certificates in a registry). The implementation of the requirements is verified by an independent verification body, which then confirms the climate neutrality.


Analogous to ISO 50001, ISO 14001 or EMAS, the standard follows a system of continuous (climate) management, which must be integrated and implemented in the company not only once, but permanently. The PAS 2060 and in a few years also the ISO 14068 are therefore excellent instruments for integrating the climate process into existing management systems.

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