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Avoidance of carbon leakage

Arqum führt ein spannendes Pilotprojekt zur Einführung eines Klimamanagement auf Basis von EMAS durch.

With the Fuel Emissions Trading Act, a CO2 levy on fuels placed on the market was introduced on 01.01.2021.

Carbon Footprint of Video Streaming

Video transmission using fiber optics almost 50 times more efficient than via UMTS Many people are not aware that surfing the Internet and streaming movies and music leads to considerable CO2 emissions. For example, video streaming in HD quality causes large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, depending on the transmission technology. The technology used to […]

Freight bikes for business and private use


Have you ever thought about buying a freight bicycle? – With a transport weight of up to 300 kg, the use of freight bikes is particularly attractive in an enterprise context. Find out here about funding options and various models. Traffic jams, a lack of parking spaces and noise are the main features of everyday […]

Climate Protection Act Enters into Force

The new German Climate Protection Act (Bundes-Klimaschutzgesetz) entered into force on 18 December 2019. As the first government in the world, the German government has thus made binding a national climate protection target. The German Climate Change Act (KSG) is intended to ensure that A) national climate protection targets such as the 2050 Climate Protection […]

Together on the Path to Climate Management

Arqum wird Standardgeber von Green Shape, einem von VAUDE entwickelten Standard für umweltfreundliche Outdoor-Produkte.

Climate protection is arguably the greatest challenge of our time. The topic is becoming ever more prominent on the international and national political agenda.     Despite this development, the climate targets adopted can only be achieved by active involvement of the private sector. More and more companies and organisations are taking up this challenge […]

Workshop on “Climate Management in Companies”


UBA Workshop at Fraport AG in Frankfurt am Main – Participation for interested companies possible More and more companies are opting for climate management and thus for a strategic analysis of their greenhouse gas emissions as part of their work. In corporate climate management, however, there are not only different implementation forms, but also clear […]

Conference on Sustainable Business…

Looking back: Conference on “Sustainable Business Management for the Agenda 2030 – Business Contribution to the Global Sustainability Goals” on 9th November 2018 at the Federal Ministry of the Environment How can companies make a greater contribution to achieving the goals of the German Sustainability Strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? What is the […]

Initial successes for “climate-neutral BMZ 2020”

Initial successes for “climate-neutral BMZ 2020” In December 2017, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) initiated the project “climate-neutral BMZ 2020”. Since January 2018, Arqum GmbH has been supporting the BMZ, together with their client “PD – Berater der öffentlichen Hand GmbH” (adviser to the public sector), in the strategic and operational […]

The BMU/UBA Conference on “Sustainable…

The BMU/UBA Conference on “Sustainable Business Management for the Agenda 2030 – Business Contribution to the Global Sustainability Goals”     On November 9th 2018, the conference on “Sustainable Business Management for the Agenda 2030 – the Business Contribution to the Global Sustainability Goals” will take place in Berlin at the Federal Ministry of the […]

Operational Mobility Management Freiburg

Operational Mobility Management Freiburg   The working group “Umweltfreundlich zum Betrieb” (Environmentally-friendly (commuting) to work) was launched in Freiburg in 1991. This working group is a merger of works councils, staff councils and corporate environmental groups from the Freiburg area committed to more environmentally-friendly commuting. The “Öko-Verkehrs-Siegel” (Eco transportation label) is a successful project of […]

Development of a Climate Protection Strategy – DZ BANK Group

Development of a Climate Protection Strategy – DZ BANK Group   In autumn 2016, Arqum was commissioned by the DZ BANK Group to support the development of a common climate strategy. The project kick-off consisted of a series of four workshops in which Arqum, together with the participating companies, initially drafted climate risks and stakeholder […]

Regional “Superfood” – Sustainable Alternatives

Regional “Superfood” – Sustainable Alternatives to Açai, Chia, Goji and Co.   Exotic “super foods” are very much in vogue. The business with exciting sounding seeds, berries, nuts and other highly-promising vegetable ingredients has in recent years developed into one worth millions in Germany. The sales of chia seeds alone have developed in recent years […]

Project „ECOHOTEL Peru“ successfully launched

Climate Protection Project “ECOHOTEL Peru” Successfully Launched   Over the next two years Arqum is conducting – together with avanti GreenSoftware GmbH and Nessus Hoteles Peru S.A. (Casa Andina) – the model project “Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection Management in the Peruvian Hotel Sector”. The aim of the project is, in addition to the introduction […]

New Regulation for Emission Protection: 42. BImSchV

New Regulation for Emission Protection: 42. BImSchV – Regulation on Evaporative Cooling Systems, Cooling Towers and Wet Separators:   The regulation on evaporative cooling systems, cooling towers and wet separators (42.BImSchV) came into force on 19. August 2017. Moist exhaust air containing water droplets as aerosol rises from the above-mentioned plants. This can result in […]

Climate protection in companies

Model projects for climate protection in companies: Munich companies develop innovative approaches:   Advancing climate protection through innovative approaches! This is the content of “model projects for climate protection in companies” funded by the state capital of Munich. The European Patent Office and the Schreiner Group have currently developed and implemented interesting approaches. The […]

Software for energy and material flow diagrams

bw!Sankey: Program for generating energy and material flow diagrams for companies registered in Baden-Wuerttemberg:   Determination of potentials in energy and resource efficiency can be simplified with the help of the e!Sankey software. The software is used for the visualization of volume flows in resource efficiency. It supports informative and meaningful representations of flow charts […]

Flexible mobility

Flexible mobility – environmentally-friendly travel, even during train strikes: Whoever was affected by the railway strike during the last few weeks has certainly thought about alternative means of transport. Using your own car or a rental car was certainly not always a suitable alternative. Creativity and flexibility were required. At Arqum, for example, employees used […]

Back to the Sunday Roast

Back to the Sunday roast – Ecological aspects of meat consumption There is much discussion about meat consumption and its negative consequences in the media and with the public at large. Although the number of vegetarians and vegans is steadily rising, there is at the same time a continual increase in the demand for meat […]

Environmental stewardship in the supply chain

Environmental stewardship in the supply chain – VAUDE und Arqum unterstützen Unternehmen in Asien beim betrieblichen Umweltschutz: Ein Ziel der Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie von VAUDE ist es, die Zusammenarbeit mit Lieferanten weiter auszubauen, um gemeinsam Maßnahmen zur Reduzierung der Umweltauswirkungen entlang der gesamten Lieferkette umzusetzen. Hierfür haben VAUDE und Arqum das Projekt „Environmental Stewardship and Management in […]