Climate balance/Carbon Footprint

In the interplay between rising political demands and increasing expectations of market players regarding climate transparency, more and more demands are being placed on companies and organisations for evaluation and reduction of greenhouse gases. In order to meet this challenge, we can support you in the preparation of a greenhouse gas (GHG) balance for your company (Corporate Carbon Footprint) or for one of your products or services (Product Carbon Footprint). In doing so, we comply with internationally valid standards such as ISO 14064 / 14067 and the guidelines of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

We can support you from the first steps of a GHG balance (e.g. definition of balance and system boundaries), through data collection right up to evaluation (e.g. calculation of emissions) and reporting. Through our consulting services, we ensure that the GHG balance provides transparent and valid statements for your interested parties.

The basis of a GHG balance is a clear objective as well as defined system boundaries. With the help of a GAP analysis, we record and check already existing data of your company, which is collected, for instance, within the context of EMAS or an energy management. Subsequently, all other necessary data is recorded. For this purpose, we provide you with suitable recording tools and support you in their application.

After determining all relevant activity data of your company, it is then clearly presented as CO2 equivalents in a GHG balance using appropriate conversion factors. If desired, we also undertake researching into appropriate emission factors. If there are emission sources in your company that cannot be quantified at present, we will work out alternatives for their calculation.

To conclude, the results of the GHG balance are evaluated for a clear definition of the various emission sources. Finally, we would compile a report outlining the procedure, results and data sources used. Here we also fall back on our experience in reporting GHG emissions in accordance with 14064.

Based on the results of the GHG balance, we can develop targeted reduction strategies right up to comprehensive climate management for your company or public administration. In addition to reduction targets, we also compile measures for the avoidance, reduction and, if necessary, compensation of GHG emissions. We would also be happy to assist you if you wish to have your GHG balance verified by an external auditing organisation. We specifically apply our expertise – from our work as environmental verifiers as well as our experience in monitoring report audits in accordance with 14064 – in our consultations.