From environmental management to climate management

A certified environmental management system according to ISO 14001 or EMAS constitutes a very good basis for the development of a more advanced climate management system. Existing instruments such as the collection of environmental data and the development of environmental indicators, the processing of goals and measures as well as the environmental statement within the framework of EMAS are important building blocks for the development of a climate management system.

We support you in planning and implementing the additional steps from environmental to climate management. This includes recording of other relevant emission sources of your company, the preparation of a GHG balance sheet according to the requirements of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the development of climate targets and measures to achieve them. In addition to assisting you in integrating the new processes into your existing environmental management documentation, we can also assist you with external reporting, for example, by extending the existing EMAS environmental statement.

For climate management verification purposes, an existing certification and especially an EMAS validation have the decisive advantage in that an examination of the integrated processes can be carried out as part of the assessment.