Environmental Management
Organizations that have introduced an environmental management system according to the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), or the globally applicable ISO 14001, not only make a measurable contribution to environmental and climate protection, but also strengthen their competitiveness. They benefit, inter alia, from the following effects:

    • Resource and energy efficiency
    • Cost savings
    • Transparency
    • Innovation
    • Certainty as to legal status
    • Risk minimization
    • Improved image
    • Motivation
    • Easier administration

Since we were founded in 1998, we have prepared several hundred organizations from a wide variety of fields for successful certification according to EMAS and/or the ISO 14001 standard. In doing so, we work together with our customers in individual or group projects. Usually, we plan a period of 12 months for the establishment of an environmental management system right up to certification.

We develop all of the necessary fundamentals for successful certification, carry out the legal and organisational checks, and create the documentation of the environmental management system – including the environmental statement for EMAS. We also assist many of our customers after initial certification or validation in the long term with their recurring environmental-management tasks, such as internal audits, legal checks, and training courses, or as an external environmental-management officer.

The objective of an environmental management system is a continuous improvement process in the company. The purpose is not only to improve the management system itself, but also the environmental rating of the company. For ISO 14001, for example, this is based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle (PDCA). Its central component is the regular conducting of an internal audit in order to check the effectiveness of the management system and to determine any necessary corrective measures and possible improvements.

In addition to the formal aspects, the focus for us during an internal audit is on the practical benefits for the company. In this context, we discuss with you how your management system can be filled with life, so that a lasting added value results for your company through measurable improvements. In addition to the use of our continuously evolving auditing instruments, the development of the auditing expertise in your company is a central, critical function. We therefore acquaint your staff with their tasks within environmental management, and enable them to selectively conduct independent internal audits. For this, we can carry out training in the context of a consultancy contract, or environmental managers can participate in one of our seminars on the topic of internal audits. For information about current seminars, click here.

New laws, more stringent limit values, changing regulations: the environmental conditions often change quickly and the resulting obligations to act are not always clear at first glance to companies.

We offer environmental-related compliance audits both to organizations with experience in environmental management as well as to companies that have not introduced an environmental management system, but that want to be up-to-date with regard to environmental regulations. We first determine all the applicable statutory environmental regulations and provisions for your company, based on our constantly updated legal check-lists. Then we define clear and unambiguous company rules, with which you can ensure the fulfilment of these requirements. If we ascertain deviations during a compliance audit, we determine the appropriate corrective action. This brings transparency to your environmental situation, and reduces your risk of liability.

In-house officers improve the coordination of important tasks in the area of environmental management, increase legal certainty and optimize financial controlling. In most companies, staff members assume this function in addition to their usual responsibilities. In this case, there is often not enough time for optimum handling of the environmental-management tasks, and important issues run the risk of being overlooked during day-to-day business. In addition, due to legal regulations, specially trained officers are required in many companies. The employees must first obtain appropriate additional qualifications or training. Assigning the functions of such officers to external service providers with the formal qualifications and extensive practical experience is in many cases a more cost-effective and flexible way to cover these functions.

In the area of company environmental protection and management, we can assume

    • Waste officer (compliant with Sec. 54 KRW- /AbfG),
    • Risk prevention officer (compliant with Secs. 1 and 1b GbV),
    • Water Protection Officer (compliant with Sec. 64 WHG),
    • Pollution control officer (compliant with Sec. 53 BImSchG),
    • Environmental management officer (compliant with EMAS/ISO 14001).

As an external officer, we carry out site inspections at your location, update relevant documents and pass on our knowledge to you and your employees. In addition, we also analyse plant environmental data, deal with any anomalies, inform you about legal innovations and assist in the implementation of appropriate correction or improvement measures. Our experts can also represent your company in internal bodies or vis-à-vis external stakeholders. We determine the precise duties and responsibilities together with you to meet your individual requirements and wishes.

If you want to have your management system certified or validated according to EMAS or ISO 14001, then we can put you in touch with the environmental auditors from our partner company Arqum Zert GmbH.

The accredited environmental auditors from Arqum Cert GmbH have many years of experience across all industries in the introduction and implementation of environmental management systems in several hundred organizations. In addition, they are also approved as free auditors for EMAS and ISO 14001 by the well-known certification centres accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS). The environmental auditors of Arqum Zert GmbH are approved for the following areas:


Industry NACE-Scope EAC Scope
Agriculture 01 01
Forestry 02 01
Production of foodstuffs and tobacco 10 03
Production of beverages 11 03
Production of chemical products 20 12
Production of metal products 25 17.1
Health Care 86 38.1