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In the area of occupational safety, it is a legal requirement in Germany and in many other countries as well that every organisation must be supervised by an occupational safety specialist (ASiG) and meet its responsibilities.

To ensure that important topics receive sufficient attention and are driven forward, we offer you the option of having us fill the position of occupational safety specialist and support you in implementing the legal obligations.

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Support with risk assessments

Support with basic measures of work design, relationship prevention and behavioral prevention

Investigations after incidents

Consulting for employers and managers, company representatives, employees

Preparation of documentation

Participation in company meetings

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Practical implementation

Safety-related support by trained external specialists


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Unterstützung bei der sicherheitstechnische Betreuung (SiFa/FaSi). Durchführung von Begehungen und Gefährdungsanalysen. Beratung zum betrieblichen Arbeitsschutz.

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