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Sustainable Industry Parks

Industrial estates in developing and emerging economies play an important role in the implementation of sustainable practices within industry. They not only provide the utility infrastructure or logistics to the companies located there, but identify themselves more and more as modern service providers to promote company sustainability management. These industrial estates rely increasingly on offers of projects that enable the companies to receive better access to practical knowledge, innovative methods and efficient technologies, as well as concrete help in the implementation of these topics for their business. Because the industrial estates themselves often do not have sufficient technical and methodological capacity, they look for support from experienced international experts.

For many years, we have been developing and implementing innovative consulting services for industrial estates throughout the world in the areas of corporate environmental and climate protection, resource and energy efficiency, and sustainability management. To do this, we first identify — together with the management of the industrial estate — the specific knowledge and technological needs of the companies located there. Based on this, we develop a range of consultation services tailored to the needs of the company, including workshops and training to raise awareness of employees and to impart practical know-how, technologies, and solutions. Additionally, we offer the companies expert advice to identify specific areas for improvement within their individual sustainability management. On this basis, the employees of the company are not only informed, but also receive very practical guidance on how to implement and continuously upgrade their corporate sustainability management.