We complete many of our projects with a project brochure to illustrate the procedure and the results of our consultation. Our project partners and customers also make use of the opportunity to introduce themselves and show which specific objectives and activities they are pursuing to improve their environmental and sustainability performance. In the following we have compiled a selection of current project brochures – on request we will be happy to send more examples. Please contact  us!

ÖKOPROFIT München 2016/2016
pdf (3.49 MB)

ÖKOPROFIT Wiesbaden 2015/2016

pdf (1.85 MB)

ECOfit Rems-Murr-Kreis 2015/2016

pdf (4 MB)

Energieeffizienznetzwerk LEEN

pdf (4.22 MB)

Energy Efficiency Assessments in China

pdf (2.15 MB)

Resource and Energy Efficiency Network Paraná

pdf (2.64 MB)

Resource and Energy Efficieny Network Pune

pdf (1.41 MB)

Sustainability in the MexicanAutomative Supply Chain

pdf (3.41 MB)

Betriebliches Mobilitätsmanagement München

pdf (1.78 MB)