Safety-related Assistance

The legal requirements of the German Occupational Health and Safety Act (ASiG) stipulate that each company is looked after by a health and safety specialist or a safety engineer. The minimum working times for health and safety specialists specified in the appropriate trade association regulations (BGV A2), depend on the number of employees and the specific hazard levels in the company. This role can be assumed by a qualified member of staff of the company, but it can also be carried out by an external service provider.

The tasks for occupational health and safety support include, among other things, the determination and assessment of hazards, support for the selection and testing of protective clothing and equipment, advice on the acquisition of equipment and hazardous substances, as well as support in providing employees with information on existing accident and health risks in the company. Our qualified specialists in work safety can carry out these functions for your company by providing support in occupational and health safety management.