ISO 50003 – now it’s getting serious

ISO 50003 – now it’s getting serious:


As from October, the new ISO 50003 (Energy Management Systems – Requirements for Authorities Auditing and Certifying Energy Management Systems) comes into in force. The ISO 50003 applies actually only to the certification authorities. However, some of the requirements of the standard have a direct impact on the audited company. For companies already certified, the new requirements only apply after the next re-certification.

The main changes can be summarised as follows:

  • The number of employees is no longer crucial for the audit duration but rather the number of people who have a significant influence on the EnMS. Also, the complexity of energy use has a greater impact on determining the duration of the audit.
  • Proof of the continuous improvement of energy-related services must be presented in future. Energy indicators (EnPIs) of substance and an energy baseline (EnBs) consistent with each of the energy indicators have now a prime role to play. In this context, information will be placed on the specific energy consumption in relation to relevant influencing factors such as production figures – something enabling efficiency improvements to be established.

For businesses, this means that in future the auditors will insist that the targets and action plans contain concrete improvement measures which need to be implemented. Arqum supports you in the selection of appropriate ENPIs and the development of measures of substance to improve the energy-related performance.

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