Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century.
This is not only illustrated by the Paris Agreement, which was adopted by the global community of states in 2015. Companies and administrative institutions will face new societal and market-economy challenges that need to be addressed. These include, for example, customer demands for sustainable and environmentally-friendly companies and products as well as credible CO2 balances. In order to meet these new challenges and make your company fit for the future as well as competitive, we can support you in the preparation of a greenhouse gas balance (carbon footprint) and in the development of a comprehensive climate management system.

We are the appropriate partner for topics such as GHG accounting and climate management:

  • Arqum has been active in the area of GHG accounting since its foundation in 1998 and has since prepared GHG balances for numerous customers from different companies and administrations.
  • Our experience from other projects as well as our wide range of tools enables us to calculate your carbon footprint in a targeted and efficient way.
  • Through intensive exchange with relevant authorities and topic-specific networks, such as the German Environment Agency and the DGCN (German Global Compact Network), we keep our advice up-to-date and actively shape processes for topics such as climate management and greenhouse gas neutrality.
  • Our experienced employees are specialized in different subject areas; thus, we can provide a qualified consultant for each industry.
  • Arqum is leading by example: We are reducing our carbon footprint, for example by converting our vehicle fleet as well as taking other efficiency measures, which are monitored by our EMAS-compliant environmental management system. We offset all unavoidable emissions – e.g. from business trips or energy purchases.