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You can also benefit from the further services of our compliance experts:


  • With legal duties management, the relevant corporate duties identified during the compliance audit are clearly delegated to those responsible, thus implementing an important step towards minimizing liability risks.
  • Managers responsible for the implementation of legal obligations are sensitized within the scope of a training course as to which legal obligations belong to their area of responsibility and how liability risks can be avoided. On request, we offer these training sessions with a lawyer specializing in occupational health and safety law.
  • With focus checks for selected legal topics such as waste or hazardous substances, we evaluate the situation with you in detail for selected legal topics and help you to organize these essential legal areas in your company in a legally secure manner.
Our services

Identification of relevant legal regulations and legal obligations for your company


Creation of a legal cadastre with the relevant laws and regulations

Presentation of the need for action to fulfil the relevant obligations

Creation of a to-do list with open points on the way to legal compliance

Your advantages

Overview of important regulations relevant to your company in environmental, energy and occupational health and safety law

Identification of deficits and definition of corrective measures

Improvement of legal certainty


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Environmental and energy management

Conducting audits to increase legal certainty in environmental and energy law.


Environmental and energy management

Conducting regular compliance audits to increase legal certainty in environmental and energy law.

TUI Cruises GmbH

Environmental management

Carrying out the annual environmental audit according to EMAS as well as compliance audits.

Druckerei Lokay e.K.

Environmental and enery management

Conducting audits to increase legal safety in environmental and energy law.


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