Introducing the new consultation program ÖKOPROFIT-Energie:

The new program was drawn up in 2014 on the initiative of the city of Munich and is an additional offer to the ÖKOPROFIT consultation system already successfully introduced throughout Germany. In contrast to ÖKOPROFIT, ÖKOPROFIT-Energie focuses specifically on the identification and implementation of energy efficiency measures.

Participating companies benefit from regular workshops, current knowledge and the exchange of experience with other companies within the energy network. In addition, each company receives individual, one-on-one consulting to identify and exploit inherent potential energy savings. This benefits climate protection and results in savings in energy costs. Implementation of the steps to be taken within the framework of the ÖKOPROFIT-Energie network is an efficient way of taking into account the energy audit obligation for large companies resulting from the amended German Energy Services Directive (EDL-G). Its network character also provides the opportunity to exchange information on current energy issues with other companies. In principle, all companies specifically interested in the topic of energy efficiency can participate in “ÖKOPROFIT-Energie”.

Many municipalities and regions are convinced by the new consulting concept and will be starting their first projects in the next few weeks. Currently, we are still looking for interested companies in the following municipalities and regions: Munich, Wiesbaden, the Muhldorf-Rosenheim region, Kaiserslautern, the rural districts of Starnberg, Weilheim-Schongau, Bad Tolz-Wolfratshausen, and in the region of South Hessen.

Contact person at Arqum: Jörn Peter ().

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