Mexiko: Learning Energy Management Network

Mexico: Kick-off for the “Learning Energy Management Network” – Training of energy auditors:

The pilot network was developed jointly by the Mexican Energy-Efficiency Authority (CONUEE) and the Society for International Cooperation (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GIZ). The project is supervised and supported by national experts, as well as the promoters of CONUEE and GIZ and the international experts of LEEN GmbH and Arqum.

The 12 participating companies in total from throughout Mexico benefit from regular workshops, current knowledge and the exchange of experience with other companies within the energy management network. In addition, each company receives individual one-on-one consulting to implement the specific requirements of ISO 50001 in the company, and to identify potential energy savings.

The duration of the pilot network is initially limited to 12 months. It is planned to expand the network to other regions in Mexico. Implementation will be based on various successful models from Germany and other countries, such as REEF, ECOPROFIT, ECOfit or LEEN.


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