Energy Audit 2019 – Keep at it!

Since the beginning of this year, a legal commitment for large companies to undertake an energy audit has been in place. The date which the legislator had prescribed for its implementation ended on 5 December 2015. The energy audit must be carried out at least every four years by qualified specialists as calculated from the time of the first audit.

As such, an energy audit is no once-in-lifetime-matter but a recurrent commitment to continue to raise the energy efficiency of companies. Arqum helps in keeping the matter focussed on in the company, thereby reducing the expenditure of the energy audit in 2019 in terms of finance and time. Other objectives centre on regularly updating data and figures, continuously implementing the suggested measures and, if need be, identifying new measures.

For this purpose, Arqum offers to check the data of the overall operation and the changes of the main users on a yearly basis. Arqum also supports companies in both implementing the suggested measures and identifying new measures. The yearly examination will either be carried out during an on-site appointment or during a phone-based documentation check. Additionally, there are four webinars held every year dealing with the participants’ exchange of experiences on measures, business-specific matters as well as organizational and legal aspects of the energy audit. The 2019 audit costs will take these costs fully into account.


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