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Development of the German Training Week – Energy Efficiency

The focus is on increasing the energy efficiency of local actors.

On behalf of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Arqum is developing a concept for the implementation of a German Training Week (GTW) – Energy Efficiency.


The GTW has already been organised and implemented for years as part of the Energy Export Initiative by GIZ’s Project Development Programme (PEP). The aim of the one-week training programme for energy experts in developing and emerging countries is to provide local actors with the right tools and at the same time to position German companies and their technologies in the market. The previous focus was on project development and renewable energies. The project aims to create a new approach that focuses on energy efficiency.


In order to minimise the growing energy demand of industry in Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia through energy-efficient design of production and modernisation of processes, the project aims to introduce local experts and business leaders to technologies and solutions for greater energy efficiency, as well as to present the most important internationally applicable standards.


Through the direct participation of German technology providers, application possibilities for technology products and services are to be demonstrated in a particularly practical way.


GTW Energy Efficiency thus offers technology providers a unique opportunity to position themselves in growing markets and to enter into cooperation or partnerships with local companies.


Are you interested in participating in the training week as a practical trainer? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Contact at Arqum: Philipp Poferl

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