Hydraulic balance – also for your home?

Hydraulic balance – also for your home?

Is it worthwhile carrying out hydraulic balancing for a flat or a detached house? The heat check allows you to examine if this type of balancing makes economic sense where you live.

What happens under hydraulic balancing? In practically every heating system water is used as the heat transmission medium. Hydraulic balancing of the heating system and its piping enables the flow resistance in the system to be reduced. This ensures that the heating energy is distributed with fewer losses and in a better balanced manner.

The situation without hydraulic balancing: Water in the heating network always follows the least-resistance principle. That is why in a non-hydraulically balanced heating system too much water will flow through radiators near to the heating source. They will become over-heated as a result. Consequently, radiators further away from the source of heating do not obtain sufficient hot water. This usually leads to an unsatisfactory heat output. The flow temperature in the heating system, the delivery head and the pump output are therefore frequently raised. Although the temperature in those areas unsatisfactorily heated beforehand is now on the right level, the rest of the building is too warm as a result. This inevitably leads to a greater consumption of energy.

The situation with hydraulic balancing: In a hydraulically balanced system, the heating water flows optimally and each radiator receives just the amount of hot water which it needs. This is achieved by upstream valves at the radiators, section control valves and optimally set and designed electronically regulated circulation pumps. Hydraulic balancing involves these valves being optimally set to ensure that the heating water is distributed smoothly and evenly.

And who undertakes hydraulic balancing? Consult your chimney sweep, an energy consultant or a heating fitter on this. Or on portal in the “Rat und Tat trade directory. Here you can look for a specialist near where you live.

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