labour law and environmental-protection law

Managers and supervisors are usually responsible for compliance with the health and safety at work and environmental requirements in your area, without this having to be specified in the contract. If, for example, hazardous substances are used in the area of their responsibility, or environmentally-relevant equipment is used, special care is essential in order to not be exposed to greater liability risks. This seminar identifies the environmental and safety requirements that involve risks of liability, and how their criminal liability is assessed.

Target group:
Managers, departmental heads, supervisors who have environmental responsibilities or responsibilities under the labour protection law.

The aim of the seminar is to raise awareness among managers for possible liability risks in your organization using practical examples and with reference to the background under criminal law.


    • Responsibility of superiors
    • Specific legal requirements within the company arising from labour and environment laws
    • Legal basis (German Civil and Criminal Codes , Administrative Offences Act (OwiG), provisions of employers’ liability insurance (BGV)
    • Responsibility of operator and corporate negligence
    • Possibilities of effective delegation


    • Legal consequences
    • Regulation of responsibility in the management system
    • Assignment of duties and obligations in the management system
    • Monitoring of the legal status in the management system

We offer this seminar on request as a one-day in-house training course. The cost is 2,000 euros plus VAT. You determine the number of participants; our recommendation is a maximum of 25 people. If you are interested, please contact us, we will be happy to discuss with you how we can support you individually in your further training measures.


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