From ECOPROFIT to Sustainability Management

From ECOPROFIT to Sustainability Management – 2. CSR Training Program in Hanover Successfully Completed:


At the request of the participating companies from the ECOPROFIT-Network Hanover, Arqum conducted – together with CSR Arena Hanover for the second time – the training course “From ECOPROFIT to Sustainability Management”. Sponsor of the project is the state capital of Hanover, represented by the Wirtschaftsförderung (Business Development) as well as Agenda21 and the Nachhaltigkeitsbüro (Sustainability Office). This has enabled 15 participants to learn more about the essential aspects of sustainability management. The two-day training course shows how one carries out a sustainability analysis and, on that basis, how one develops a strategy and a program for achieving this goal. Thus, the focus was especially on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as these are very well suited to structure and communicate sustainability goals within the company. The exchange of findings among the participants and a wide range of practical examples, as well as tips and hints from Arqum, helped the new sustainability promoters to transform theory into practice. Feedback from the participants has been entirely positive and a great interest was expressed in continuing and broadening this topic.

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