Multi-Site Process for EMAS

The introduction of a multi-site process for EMAS – companies wanted for a pilot project:


The EU Commission is currently preparing an adaptation of the EMAS-user manual. The manual is expected to include a regulation, which will enable companies from selected (non-industrial) sectors with several locations to carry out an EMAS validation according to the multi-site process. Multi-site means that there is no need for an organization with similar sites to have all its sites evaluated by an environmental expert as there is now just a random check for all sites. This regulation is particularly interesting for companies with several sites such as in financial services and insurance, retailing or hotel, as well as public administration, because the expenditure for an external evaluation can be significantly reduced. In this way, you can also efficiently meet the energy audit obligations according to the energy services law.

Within the context of a research project, the Federal Environment Agency/Federal Environment Ministry has commissioned Arqum, together with three companies from industries that will qualify for this process according to the current regulation, to record their findings s during the implementation.

Companies that implement an environmental management system according to EMAS at several similar sites, or want to extend an existing EMAS registration to other sites, can apply for participation in this project. The selected companies will receive free consultation. The internal expenditure is low. If you are interested, please contact Arqum, We will then check whether the participation requirements have been met.

Your contact at Arqum: Theresa Steyrer


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