Arqum führt ein spannendes Pilotprojekt zur Einführung eines Klimamanagement auf Basis von EMAS durch.

Avoidance of carbon leakage

With the Fuel Emissions Trading Act, a CO2 levy on fuels placed on the market was introduced on 01.01.2021.

Draft bill on the avoidance of carbon leakage through the SESTA published


The Fuel Emissions Trading Act (BEHG) introduced a CO2 levy on fuels placed on the market (initially natural gas, liquefied gases, heating oils, fuels) on 01.01.2021. This leads to an additional cost burden for the consumption of fossil fuels across all sectors. Companies that compete internationally with their products could consider relocating production activities abroad due to these additional costs, which could possibly lead to an overall increase in CO2 emissions. In order to prevent this so-called “carbon leakage” effect, particularly affected companies are to be relieved. The details are regulated in the SESTA Carbon Leakage Ordinance (BECV), for which a draft bill was presented in December 2020.


The relief is to be available only for certain sectors (oriented to the EU emissions trading sector list). In addition, according to the principle of “no relief without consideration”, it is planned that companies must prove that they are actively working to reduce their emissions. To this end, it is planned that companies with a total energy consumption of 5 GWh of fossil fuels per year or more will have to demonstrate an energy management system according to ISO 50001 or an environmental management system according to EMAS. For companies with lower energy consumption, non-certified energy management systems or participation in an energy efficiency and climate protection network will probably also be recognised. In addition, the beneficiary company must provide evidence of investments in climate protection measures.


We will check for you whether the relief applies to your company. If you do not qualify for relief, it is all the more important to reduce your CO2 emissions in order to keep the monetary burden from the levy low. To this end, we will draw up a CO2 balance sheet for your company or your products, work out a strategy with you to reduce your CO2 emissions and support you in setting up a certified environmental or energy management system. Get in touch with us!


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