With Arqum to climate neutrality – also with offsetting

Climate neutrality has become increasingly relevant in recent years.

The amended Climate Protection Act stipulates that Germany must achieve climate neutrality by 2045. Therefore, standards for climate neutrality (see article PAS 2060) have become more present and climate neutrality has become more relevant in recent years.


For some years now, we have been supporting our clients in the development of reduction paths towards climate neutrality. Our focus here is on avoidance and reduction measures. These measures will continue to be the focus of our consulting in the future. However, in order to be able to achieve climate neutrality in parallel with these efforts, we now also offer our clients offset services.


Our range of climate protection projects for offsetting is based on two pillars: Firstly, we want to contribute to a climate-friendly economy by supporting regional projects directly in Germany. Therefore, we offer CO2 certificates from regional projects that, for example, strengthen the humus build-up in the soil and support farmers in a more sustainable management of their agricultural land. In parallel, we offer high-quality Gold Standard certificates from abroad that can be purchased and retired via Arqum.


High quality, transparency and credibility are at the heart of what we do when offering offset services. This includes that we openly inform about the projects and their quality as well as about the costs of the certificates. We would be happy to accompany your company on the path to climate neutrality. Please do not hesitate to contact us!


Contact persons at Arqum:
Uwe Götz and Ellen Leibing

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