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Greenhouse gas neutral administration

With this guide, the Federal Environment Agency offers practical assistance on the path to greenhouse gas neutrality.

“The path to a greenhouse gas neutral administration” – Guide from the Federal Environment Agency


How can administrations contribute to climate protection and balance, save, monitor and report their own greenhouse gas emissions?


The Federal Environment Agency’s guide “Der Weg zur treibhausgasneutralen Verwaltung” (The path to a greenhouse gas-neutral administration) offers practical assistance to administrative and other institutions on the path to greenhouse gas neutrality. The guide, which was developed with the expert support of Arqum, describes the path to greenhouse gas neutrality in nine stages and provides practical assistance and best practice examples. Although the publication is primarily aimed at public administration, the recommendations and assistance can also be of interest to private sector organisations and companies in their climate protection efforts.


The publication is available for free download at the following link.


Contact person at Arqum:
Lisa Rummel


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