Climate protection in companies

Model projects for climate protection in companies: Munich companies develop innovative approaches:


Advancing climate protection through innovative approaches! This is the content of “model projects for climate protection in companies” funded by the state capital of Munich. The European Patent Office and the Schreiner Group have currently developed and implemented interesting approaches.

The state capital of Munich has set itself the objective of being responsible for 50% fewer CO2 emissions by 2030 (compared to 1990). Business plays an essential role in this context. In order to support entrepreneurial climate protection, the Department of Labour and Economic Development is therefore funding “model projects for climate protection in companies”. Over a period of three years, up to six companies will be supported in implementing their innovative approach with Arqum’s technical expertise.

This year saw the European Patent Office and Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG exploring new climate protection paths:

The European Patent Office hosted the “food & climate” theme week to raise awareness for the link between climate change and nutrition. Agriculture in Germany contributes significantly through livestock farming, fertilization and land use to emission of greenhouse gases. Processing, transport and preparation of food are responsible for additional CO2 emissions. In the canteens of the European Patent Office meals were exclusively prepared with seasonal and regional foods during the week. Using a wide range of promotions, such as a photo exhibition, film screenings and information stands, the employees were motivated into questioning their own dietary habits.

Energy saving is an important contribution to climate protection. In addition to technical optimization potentials, user behaviour is a central lever in this context. The Schreiner Group has developed new ways to motivate employees to save energy. Potential savings in everyday office life were highlighted during an information campaign. In a “green consultation hour” the employees had the opportunity to bring in their own energy-saving proposals. A motivating factor here was that a part of the saved energy costs was being donated for reforestation.

If you are interested in also starting a model project in your company (with company headquarters in Munich), please contact us.


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