Software for energy and material flow diagrams

bw!Sankey: Program for generating energy and material flow diagrams for companies registered in Baden-Wuerttemberg:


Determination of potentials in energy and resource efficiency can be simplified with the help of the e!Sankey software. The software is used for the visualization of volume flows in resource efficiency. It supports informative and meaningful representations of flow charts and volume flows, such as energy flows, in the form of arrows. The quantities of energy flows are illustrated by width of the arrows. Thus, the focus is graphically directed to the main energy consumers, which is helpful for prioritization of the efficiency measures.

The state of Baden-Wuerttemberg has been involved in the development of a special software version – namely “bw!Sankey”. Therefore, this software version can be used free of charge for companies based in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The license for e!Sankey usually costs around 240 euros and the professional version around 480 euros. For companies based in the other federal states a bw!Sankey trial version can be used for four weeks; however, the regular e!Sankey version is only be available for two weeks.

Thus it really is worth while visiting the Website of IFU Hamburg and downloading bw!Sankey. After registering on the website, this can be done without any significant outlay involved. An activation key is then emailed for software enablement. In order to get to know and use the functions of the software effectively, “Umwelttechnik Baden-Württemberg” also provides training on BW!Sankey.


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