Operational Mobility Management Freiburg

Operational Mobility Management Freiburg


The working group “Umweltfreundlich zum Betrieb” (Environmentally-friendly (commuting) to work) was launched in Freiburg in 1991. This working group is a merger of works councils, staff councils and corporate environmental groups from the Freiburg area committed to more environmentally-friendly commuting.

The “Öko-Verkehrs-Siegel” (Eco transportation label) is a successful project of the working group. It is awarded to companies which operate an eco-transportation programme. This entails an employer determining measures to support his employees so that they get to work by public transport, bike, by means of a carpool or even on foot – instead of using their own car.

In order to further develop these tasks, it is now the time to find a new organisational structure. In doing so, the approaches of other cities which already have a functioning corporate mobility management (CMM), such as Munich for example, are being analysed. Furthermore, an analysis will be made of the city of Freiburg and its surrounding area to determine which concept is best suited for the city and particularly for its companies. The first results of the project are expected by the end of July 2018.

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