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Product Carbon Footprint in product development

The climate impact of two materials should be compared to quantify the expected emission reduction.

In February of this year, Arqum prepared product-related greenhouse gas balances (Product Carbon Footprint, PCF) for a component of the rotating displacement pumps of Netzsch Pumpen & Systeme GmbH, of which more than 50,000 are produced annually. A component in the two variants plastic and steel was considered. The climate impact of the two materials was to be compared in order to quantify the expected emission reduction by switching from steel to plastic.


Since no major differences in emissions were to be expected in the production process itself, Arqum initially concentrated on calculating the upstream and downstream processes. These included raw material procurement, intermediate steps upstream of production, transport of the final products to the customer and recycling or disposal of the products at the end of their life. The phase of product use was left out because the differences in emissions were also estimated to be small here.


Based on activity data, Arqum determined the greenhouse gases produced in the individual phases. The result shows that the upstream and downstream emissions are significantly lower for the plastic component than for the steel component. This result is now to be used as a basis for decisions on the conversion of production and also for customer communication.


Arqum also prepares a PCF for your products or a carbon footprint (CCF) for your company. If your company is already certified in environmental management, much of the required data is already available and can be used well for a carbon footprint.


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