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BMU funding programme: Air-conditioning guideline

The Federal Ministry for the Environment promotes measures on refrigeration and air conditioning systems as part of the National Climate Initiative (NKI).

The Federal Ministry for the Environment has been promoting measures on refrigeration and air conditioning systems since 2008 as part of the National Climate Initiative (NKI). Funding is provided for energy-efficient refrigeration systems using non-halogenated refrigerants in stationary refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, including components and storage units, as well as vehicle air-conditioning systems in buses and trains. The funding is provided on a grant basis with fixed amounts.


In addition to the existing options, the following funding options have been added since 01 December 2020:

  • Cooling systems in the low output range (from one kilowatt cooling capacity) and
  • systems in the higher capacity range, which were previously excluded.


In addition, the application procedure has been simplified and made clearer.

The funding is intended to increase the use of non-halogenated refrigerants and thus reduce direct emissions of greenhouse gases. Through the use of highly efficient components and systems, subsidised systems also consume considerably less energy and thus cause significantly lower CO2 emissions. The systems thus contribute to energy savings and climate protection. The term of this funding is set until 31 December 2023.


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